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Who We Are

The Chess Journal is about Chess and all things related to the great game of Chess. If some other activity will indirectly improve your game, we’ll talk about it. We believe Chess is the greatest game ever invented. It is the ultimate game.

Our Mission

The mission of The Chess Journal is to become your #1 go-to source for chess guides, tips, and also community.

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Our Writers

The writers that write for The Chess Journal are avid chess players. Borderline too obsessed for their own health and well-being. This enables us to produce the most helpful information possible. There’s a significant different between an article written by someone that plays a game here and there and someone who plays over 10 games and over 50 puzzles a day. This ensures The Chess Journal’s content to be fact-checked, credible, and the most helpful.

Editorial Guidelines

The Chess Journal editorial team is committed to creating quality content and experiences by upholding the highest journalistic standards. We strive to provide comprehensive, unbiased, honest, and timely guidance and actionable next steps.

With publishing in todays world, we know trust is the most important component in who you’re getting information from. We also know trust is earned, not just given to you. So we encourage you to learn about how The Chess Journal goes about creating our content for you so you know the lengths we go through to provide the best information we can.

Fact Checking

As we go through countless pieces of content every day, a quality filter is built by default. And most content isn’t worth the pixels needed to display the content to you. After a while, you learn that finding high-quality sources for information is getting harder and harder. The Chess Journal is striving to change this as best we can. We want to make the content we provide to be sourced properly as well as explained properly in such a way that is useful, relevant, and clear while also not putting you to sleep while consuming it.

Most things that are complex, don’t work. We strive to make seemingly complicated topics simple and easy to understand and digest so you can quickly learn and start implementing the knowledge as soon as possible. Helping you reach your goals is at the end of the day, what our goal is.

We’re working hard to cover as many topics and questions as we can. This way, no matter what you need help with, we’ll have a post clearly helping you with what you’re looking for.

Contact Us

If you feel our content is lacking something or if you have any suggestions on how we could be better, please share it with us by emailing contact@chessjournal.com.

Write For Us

If you’re a chess player or a chess enthusiast, we’d love for you to contribute to the chess community. Contact us at contact@chessjournal.com and tell us what you’d like to write about.

Advertise With Us

We try and limit the amount of advertising we display to our readers. We only share the highest quality products and promotions that will genuinely help improve our reader reach their chess goals.  If you have something you think meets those standards, you can contact us about it at contact@chessjournal.com.

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